Thursday, July 3, 2008

the power of S-E-X


that one little word holds so much.

this word is responsible for creating lives and destroying lives and it can happen all in one single stroke.
it can cause pleasure and it can cause pain.
it can destroy a relationship or strengthen it.

once upon a time this word was hardly ever uttered-now its everywhere!
every time u turn on the tv, radion, computer sex is all you see.

once upon a time sex only purpose was to create life between a man and his wife-now it seems that sex only purpose is to create pleasure for someone-and occasionally a baby comes out of it((which isnt planned most of the time))...

such a small word-holds so much.


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Tone Rock said...

sex=life (that's to be taken on more than one level)

I saw that you go to Hampton (boo) i go to Morehouse and im from VA

so it's kinda like opposites lol

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