Saturday, June 7, 2008

Losing me ((old poem 07))

this love thing is for losers
at least thats wat i believe
it makes you become a different person
changes the way you see
you can say im bitter
and hell maybe i am
but after all ive been through
i really dont give a damn.
you see now i have an icebox where my heart used to be
im cold and angry and thats just not me

i miss who i used to be

the girl who believed in love and happily ever after
and that tru love didnt just exist for the actors
the girl who believed that love was real
and being IN love was a big deal
now, this new person i dont recognize
but its who ive become-i can see it in my eyes
the pain has taken over
and now every guy gets the cold shoulder
ive turned into someone i never wanted to be
and thanks to the pain-ive lost me.


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Anonymous said...

How long are we gonna have to wait to read more from you?