Friday, May 15, 2009


Everything in life happens for a reason..
I kno ur probably thinking that you've heard this like 500 million times before..but I learned that it is because it is the honest to God truth. Something that you think was so trivial could have possibly changed ur life without you even realizing it. The random people that you meet, the arguements, the break ups, the heartbreaks, the deaths of loved ones and the births of new all happens for a reason. NOTHING is by chance. You may not realize it now, but one day everything will come full circle.

Mistakes are made and lessons are learned..
AMEN! lol...If you don't make mistakes, how do you learn? Everything can't be taught from a is the best teacher you can have. We are young..this is the time to make mistakes! So that we can grow and be responsible, wise adults. Make ur mistakes..learn from them and move on! BUT WAIT!!! realize there is a difference between making a mistake and making a STUPID mistake...and I'll leave it at that...

On to the subject that plagues us young people most..LOVE and HEARTBREAK
Its been killing me these days to hear people my age say "I'm done with love" "fuck love" and all those things..
Now I can't front-I used to be one of those people..but then I really sat back and I thought about it. I am only 20 years old... 20!!!! I have only been on this earth for 2 decades and I have only lived in two places..ATL and Hampton, who am I to say I give up on love just because I've encountered my share of assholes?? I haven't even really LIVED yet to even experience true love and I'm giving up...that makes absolutely no sense at all! For those who have found love..congratulations it is a beautiful thing...for those who are still will come. Don't stress it..for what?! The more pressure you put on finding love, the harder it will become for u to find because u looking for it too hard! Have you ever dropped something, like the back of an earring, you search and search and you can't find it?? Then as soon as you stop looking for it-BOOM-there it is-right in front of your face.That's how love chill out..enjoy being young and single..LOVE WILL COME.

And we all know that with love, comes the occasional heartbreak...
Heartbreak sucks. We all know that. There is no way around that. It hurts, and it seems like you will NEVER get over it. BUt you see the heart is a phenomenal can be broken, ripped apart, torn to shreds and stomped on the ground til nothing remains but a mess...but it has the remarkable ability to heal itself and return to the condition that it was in before. Its up to you on how long that takes.


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