Thursday, June 4, 2009


Who do I have to be to make u see that I'm all u need
And that aint no other girl quite like me
Not tryin to b cocky but I'm the fuckin best
Always 10 steps ahead of all the rest
I've done everything I could think of to do
To make u see that only person I want to be with it is you
It seems like no matter how many times I say it
It never makes a difference cuz I keep dealing wit the same shit
torn like letoya luckett
Half of me wants to stay the other half wants to say fuck it
But saying 'fuck it' isn't as easy it sounds
Cuz being with u makes my heart pound
My knees get weak and my heart skips beats
I can't stand not seeing u for more than a few weeks
Forgetting about u is something I can't do
Especially not after all the shit we been thru
Things I wish I didn't kno
I found out when I committed the ultimate no-no
Going thru ur phone was something I wish I'd never done
But my trust issues got in the way and I doubted I was the only one
I played it cool like wat I read didn't bother me
But inside I was crying the tears I didn't want u to see
I had a feeling there were other girls
But I didnt trip cuz I wasn't ur "official girl"
So I acted like I didn't care cuz I was ur number one
But that wasn't good enough-I wanted to be the only one.
Silly silly me, I should have known u would be like all the rest
But its too late now to have any regrets
Being with you is something that I will never do
Cuz I refuse to ever again be your fool
I wonder if u meant all those things that u said
On those nights when u was layed up in MY bed
I thought what we had was something so real
But now I see that was never the deal
Off and on a year and a half with me
But she’s the one sayin “I love you baby”
That shit hurt me deep down to my core
I didn’t even think it was possible for me to hurt anymore
I don’t even know how I feel
Cuz none of this even seems real
I trusted my heart with you
Now what am I supposed to do?
I guess its time to pick up the pieces and move on
So with that said…baby im done.

June 2009