Sunday, March 9, 2008


right now im sitting on my bed at my wonderful home in the wonderful place of atlanta georgia...and im listening to a song and the song is talking about how the guy will give this girl the fairytale love that she has always dreamed about...

if only life was really like the fairytales we believe in as little girls...
sometimes i wanna say damn disney and all them damn movies...damn them to
but seriously, it puts this false sense of what love is supposed to be like into our heads and when we get older and realize that love isn't like that we are soooo disappointed...

no guy is relationship is perfect.

its all a lie...damn disney...

sometimes i want to go back to being a little girl and thinking that one day i would meet my "prince charming" and live happily ever after instead of being a young woman realizing that "prince charming" does not exist and neither does happily ever after..

but i wonder sometimes...can there be a prince charming for me? maybe not one like the one in the movies but someone to come and sweep me off my feet...treat me like the princess..oh wait im sorry..queen that i am...
who knows when ill meet him...i may have met him now..who knows? its so hard to read guys sometimes and i've learned that you never can tell..hell niggas these days be living double

but idk...who knows...stay tuned and lets see what happens in the life of


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Anonymous said...

very true
i love him
the most
yet this isnt fairytale
hope i had a life in a book of fairytales
where there is happily ever after
may b i m happy ever after bt how many struggles shuld i hav 2 go through"?