Saturday, March 1, 2008

last first

(inspired by estee)

last first.

such a wonderful thought.

last first.

last first kiss.
last first hug.
last first date.
last first time.
last first

ever wonder when you will experience your last first?
IF you'll ever experience it....

Everyone has a last first out in the world..
its just a matter of finding them...or them finding you...
but sometimes with all the drama and bullshit you go through with someone thats just a "filler" ((someone to take the time until you find your last first)) it can make you wonder is there a such thing as 'last first'...

Even with all the bullshit I've been through..I like to be hopeful that there is a last first out there for me somewhere...
he could be texting me right
who knows...;-)


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