Thursday, February 14, 2008


As Valentine's Day comes to an end and I sit in my myself (b/c all my friends are on I realize that even though Valentine's day is a day aimed to celebrate couples and relationships thats not its sole purpose.

Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate love.

Love for self, Love for others.

You don't need someone to be loved or to give yourself, love your friends, love your family, love others.

But, I can't front..I'm ready for the day to be OVER! lol
Even though Valentine's day sole purpose is about love, relationships are the main focus and it makes single people feel terrible. So all day I been going back and forth between enjoying the day, loving myself, spreading love to other people..and then seeing a couple and being like "fuck love"
Jus call me the 'love hater'
Or call me the 'love lover' just depends on the day of the week ;-)

Meet my own personal Dr. Jekel and Mr.
Mercilla-the love lover...and Bianca-the love hater....

don't think I'm crazy...
just think I'm not of this planet...
Earth is soo overrated!

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