Friday, February 1, 2008

losing a friend

i have 4 best friends...

and i consider all of them my sisters.

i am truly blessed to have this many best friends..most people only have two or 3 their whole lifetime, but these girls are the real deal. they know me even better than I kno myself...seriously! i can give plenty examples but thats not the purpose of why im writing this...

one of my best friends, that i have known since the first day of high school is slowly drifting away from me. i dont know who she is anymore, the girl i first met is not there anymore and i miss her so much. I miss my friend who I could laugh with at the dumbest things, I miss my friend who would sing terribly off key with me and act like we were the best singers in the world. (lol) I miss my friend who I could tell any and everything too and not worry about her passing judgement on me.
I miss my sister.
She has a new boyfriend now, and he tears her down constantly, and slowly but surely she is becoming a different person. She doesn't laugh with me anymore, and she judges me like none other. She doesn;t want to go out and have fun with the rest of us anymore, and when we ask her to go out she snubs her nose at us like she's too good to hang out with us.
I miss my sister.
It breaks my heart everytime I talk to her and we just sit and hold the phone and talk about nothing. We used to be able to talk for hours about anything under the sun! Now the longest phone conversation we will have will be like 15-20 minutes and we mostly just talk about school. I'm losing a friend and it kills me. I just want her back, but I'm not sure if that will ever happen....

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